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If you are looking to buy a Hi-Fi Subwoofer, then you are in the right place. Kilimall is here to give a more discerning audio you can place whenever you want in your home or your working place. Whether you want it for music or movie sounds, you still need that deeper audio experience and impact to quench your entertainment thirst. There are three factors to examine when choosing a subwoofer namely: Brand, Power, and Price. Kilimall brings you a wide range of choices that will match your taste and budget.

There are a lot of different Hi-Fi subwoofers – from small subs that will fit under your tables to the huge ones that will make your roof shake. There are so many other options to choose from. Below are some of the brands available here in Kilimall:

Von Hot point Subwoofers

Hotpoint has an excellent reputation for producing well-built subwoofers that are fit for both music and movie watching. They all deliver a big experience and chest-thumping bass sound that is deep, loud and clear. Hotpoint is a famous brand with several years specializing in in all kind of subwoofers and speakers. Their subwoofers have been pretty successful over the last few years, and they continue to take over the market seriously. If you want a versatile electronic, Kilimall has the best subwoofer to fit your living room. Top Von Hotpoint Subwoofers models available:

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA6530M)

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA203)

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA11631BT)

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA5030BT)

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA11050BT)

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA18040BT)

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA12630BT)

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA35050BT)

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA8030H)

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA 4531F)

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA2030B)

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA9630BT)

Von Hotpoint Subwoofer (HA4532DC)

Their subs have a booming bass hence a great performance no matter the input type. It is a brand that deserves mention in whatever best of sound equipment listed above. They have the best sound designs which are well-respected to this day. For the best sound quality subwoofers, trust Hotpoint and you will never look back. Their prices are affordable and the best fit for people who want a soothing sound in and out of their homes. Check out some of the best subwoofers listed above and place your order now.

Sayona Hi-Fi Subwoofers

You can surely recognize Sayona Subwoofers at 20 feet. The subs are well designed and come with a unique style. Kilimall has a number of them going at the best price in town. The best thing about them is, even the smallest subwoofers, they still deliver a pumping, deep and clean bass. Sayona specializes in quality and excellence hence it’s one of the best authoritative brand available here in Kilimall. If you have a strong craving for music, Sayona subwoofers will give you the best of jazz, blues, reggae, hip-hop or anything else. They provide an excellent bass from all the corners of your room. The material that makes up these subs are of high quality to give you the best service. Top Sayona Subwoofers models available:

Sayona Subwoofer 3.1 CHANNEL Speaker

Sayona Subwoofer 2.1 CHANNEL Speaker

Sayona Subwoofer 3.1 CHANNEL Speaker

Sayona Subwoofer 3.1 CHANNEL Speaker

Sayona Subwoofer 3.1 CHANNEL Speaker

Sayona Subwoofers are very affordable; that is why we have them on board. You can get a decent subwoofer under KSh. 10, 000 that will breathe a new life into your room without breaking a bank. They are fairly cool looking sound devices with a new look and strong performance. Most importantly, they are suitable for both outdoors functions and enclosed use. Make an effort and order one above at a reasonable price.

Why buy from Kilimall?

Kilimall has the best sort of Hi-Fi subwoofers brands that are built with high-quality materials and are made to meet the highest standards to meet the customer’s wants. The make of these sound appliances stands out as an ideal solution for Kenyans seeking huge bass. The best bit of it all is that they are relatively low cost. If you’re considering buying a subwoofer, know that Kilimall has already negotiated for the buying price from the main manufacturers. Yours is to place your order and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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