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Aucma Televisions

Entertainment is an essential subject in many Kenyan homes, and it is what tops the menu of the most discussed items on the dinner table. Every Kenyan wants to get the best that can be offered every entertainment offering industry, from televisions, smartphones, and computers. We always see new releases from mobile phone companies almost every year, and people keep purchasing them. We never ask what happens to old models because the main aim of these companies is to move quality products to as many consumers as possible.
Aucma steps in the world of televisions and its principal aim is to get the attention of the middle-class Kenyans who crave quality entertainment but cannot enjoy it due to the cost of setting up one in their homes. It is not a big name like Sony or LG; it is not as famous as Hisense nor is it infamous. However, this company rolls out televisions that give large corporations a run for their money. Their models have some of the latest features and one of the best displays in the TV world. What is more is that they come at affordable prices making them appeal to the intended market in Kenya. Aucma were in Kenya with their CRT products and could be spotted in some homes; they are now about to make an impact with their LED backlit flat screen televisions. You can always bank on a brand that has been around for quite some time without making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Aucma Models

·Aucma 24" - Analog - Full HD LED TV - Slim – Black
·Aucma 24'' Digital LED TV
·Aucma 32'' Digital TV
·Aucma 42'' Digital TV

Aucma 24" - Analog - Full HD LED TV - Slim

This is a 24-inch display screen that brings you the kind of entertainment you were missing out on with the conventional but outdated Cathode Ray TVs. It has a LED backlight display that enables it to give better image quality and balanced colors. With LED, you get to enjoy vivid blacks because of their ability to be switched off completely. This provides you with a high contrast ratio. It has a 1920x1080 resolution that gives you some of the best pictures you can imagine. Entertainment with this TV becomes real because of the almost natural images provided by this model. A 1080p resolution gives out twice the resolution of full HD, and this is something you would never have enjoyed with CRT devices.
This model also comes with an HDMI input through which one can connect a full HD device like a super-computer allowing one to enjoy high-quality videos. A sound system can also be connected to this input giving you the chance to listen to great audio quality making entertainment scene perfect at home. The USB input also supports a variety of formats and hence the disappointments of media not playing is an inconvenience one can avoid by purchasing this TV. It is also quite cheap making it a worthwhile buy. The only shortcoming of this model is that it is an analog television, and this means one has to have a decoder to enjoy Kenyan digital channels. This is the only disadvantage of this model. Other than having an analog reception, this television is one of the best items on which you can spend your money.

Aucma 24'' Digital LED TV

Electronic companies in Kenya saw the need to incorporate digital receivers in their televisions after the digital migration that happened a couple of years ago in the country. This was characterized by the switching off of analog signals and the move forced Kenyans to buy digital decoders to enjoy local content and international content as well. Aucma Kenya was not left behind as well because it incorporated this into the flat-screen TVs in Kenya. The 24-inch digital television gives Kenyans the comfort of having to watch TV without the additional cost of purchasing decoders and paying monthly or yearly subscriptions to these companies in order to enjoy watching TV. This is one of the best innovations, and it allows one to watch multiple channels without having a decoder. A digital TV is a good offer from Aucma, and they do not stop there. This TV has a LED display with a 1080p resolution, and this serves to give an amazing picture quality. This resolution is also found in high-end televisions from some of the huge TV companies. The only difference is that these companies offer the same technology at premium prices whereas Aucma offers the same kind of technology at a low price. This gives them an edge in the Kenyan market because the majority of Kenyans have a lean budget.
Shopping online for this model brings to the surface many results from many online stores, but Kilimall has a great offer for this TV. It is also light in weight, and this relieves the stress on your wall if you choose to mount it in the living room. The compact size of this television is perfect for your cubicle, single room, bedsitter, kitchen or one bedroom apartment. You can also install this in your bedroom and will be a great source of entertainment for the occasional sleepless nights. Apart from the great display quality, this television has two speakers that produce pretty decent sound. This can, however, be amplified using a Home Theater or a Sound system connection to the TV through the available HDMI or jack output provided in this model. USB recording is also a feature on this model, and this gives the user an opportunity to record videos or music at home to watch later on when the chance presents itself.

Aucma 32'' Digital TV

A small display does not always appeal to everyone and Aucma has that sorted out in the Kenyan region. It offers a 32-inch digital TV that is quite a big display. The size is excellent for a medium or a large room. The big size also comes with a clearer visual output that is a feast to your eyes. It has a LED display that provides the backlight making it have higher contrast ratios and gives a deep black color. It is not in the same league as OLED, but it is one of the best LED backlights. There are no hues on the corners or the outlines of the images, and it does not have a pixelated appearance because it has a high pixel density. It has a 1080 p resolution that makes it produce twice the definition of standard HD displays. This gives clear images and fine details when enjoying movies or series. The images jump out at you in full HD giving an experience that cannot be had with an LCD full HD display.
The digital receivers make this TV a wise buy because you forget the costs of decoders and subscriptions to watch television. Digital is the new way to go in Kenya now, and this is what Amco has done. With this model, you enjoy digital content without a decoder, who wouldn't want that? It also has a good audio with two speakers which produce a good sound quality. The HDMI input can be exploited in many ways because many devices nowadays use the high-speed and HD HDMI cables which translate to a quality entertainment experience. You can connect to a gaming console such as PS4 or Xbox 1 and enjoy playing games on this big display with clear images. The gaming experience changes with this kind of enhanced resolution.

Aucma 42'' Digital TV

Aucma also offers bigger and better models and the Aucma 42'' Digital TV is one television that fits this description. It has a large-display, at 42-inches which make it quite appealing because of the cinema experience it brings to the home. This Aucma LED TV is a great offer because it is big and cheap. Flat-screen TV prices in Kenya vary widely, high-end televisions from huge companies such as Sony and LG are very expensive, and some are cheap. The cheap ones may have sub-standard features but not Aucma TVs. Aucma TVs are cheap, and they also employ some of the leading technologies in their models. The 42-inch digital TV has an excellent display with a 1080p resolution that gives crystal-clear pictures. Its design is incredible and it looks appealing when mounted on a wall or when placed on its stand. It will revolutionize the home entertainment scene. Available inputs include, but are not limited to, HDMI inputs, USB, and VGA.


Aucma has been in Kenya in the past and is now following the trend by offering flat-screen TVs with great features. The friendly prices attract the majority of the population, and their excellent features attract people who know what they want in home entertainment. Buy one and you will not regret.