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Sayona Televisions

Sayona is a company that has been in Kenya for a long time now. Their electronics are among the best in Kenya, and their prices are pocket-friendly. Kenyans are more familiar with tech moguls like Sony, LG, and Samsung, but the prices of such televisions are out of reach of ordinary people. Quality entertainment is the desire of everyone, but not everyone has the ability to buy an expensive TV. This is where Sayona comes in with their cheap TVs. This is not the regular cheap with cheap features, not at all. It is cheap filled with expensive features. The TVs are some of the best in Kenya and offer quality home entertainment at a low price.

Top Sayona TVs

• Sayona HD LED 24'' digital TV
• Sayona HD LED digital TV 24 Inch Black
• Sayona HD LED digital TV 43 Inch Black

Sayona HD LED 24'' digital TV

Sayona HD LED 24'' digital TV is a television that many people would want to have on their walls; it has a design that showcases not only elegance but also style. Sayona LED TV can easily be mounted on your wall, and it will blend seamlessly with the decoration in your house. The design is stunning from all angles, and this complements the furnishing and art in your living room. This is a digital television which means you will enjoy watching Kenyan digital content for free with this television. Its lightweight means that your wall will not have something heavy on it. This TV is black in color and hence will not alter the décor that you have in your house. This digital television offers you great audio with its two inbuilt speakers that give you a sound of high quality. This TV supports many audio formats which is an advantage as you will not be disappointed by not getting the kind of audio you want from some movies. The additional USB input gives you the ability to listen to your music with these great speakers. The video quality is quite high at 1080p resolution giving you full HD images.
You get to enjoy crystal-clear images with the Sayona LED 24-inch digital television; a great feature for people who enjoy watching movies and want to have a cinema experience at home. The quality of displayed pictures is not affected by a poor signal as you will get something good that you will not even realize that there is a weak signal. For connectivity, Sayona HD LED 24-inch digital TV has various terminals that allow you to watch videos and series, and listen to music by simply connecting a hard drive, Home Theater System, computer, and you will be good to go. Sayona Kenya is a company that has provided the middle and low-income Kenyan quality entertainment that was reserved for the elites only a few years ago. You get a flat-screen TV at a very low price, and this is a deal you cannot afford to miss out on.

Sayona HD LED digital TV 24 Inch Black

Most people in Kenya prefer a small sized television, at times due to the space in their living rooms; other times one may want it for other rooms other than the living room. Sayona HD LED digital TV is an amazing flat-screen television with a 24-inch screen that is ideal for entertainment in small and medium sized rooms. It is one of the affordable televisions that have a very high resolution giving you detailed images that are very clear. With a LED backlight and a 1080p resolution, this TV gives you one of the best displays in Kenya at a friendly price. The kind of quality you get with a very expensive model from big companies such as Sony is available in this model. Watching the English Premier League alone or with friends in your cozy room will be entertaining because of the sharp images that are given by this display. The design is marvelous. It looks great and makes any living room elegant because of its aesthetic appeal. It has a small, compact design that looks great in a small room. A digital TV which also looks good is something every Kenyan wants, and it's what has been offered by Sayona. Forget the decoders you were made to buy so as to watch Kenyan channels; with this TV, you enjoy access to many digital TV stations without monthly or yearly subscriptions. This is the kind of TV that comes at a low price and has expensive offers. You save on money used on decoder purchase and subscriptions, and you get to enjoy digital content on a high-resolution display, this is a great offer from Sayona Kenya which should be embraced by all. The sound in this model is exceptional. A 24-inch TV with a great audio is one combination designed to enrich your entertainment scene at home. It is fitted with two speakers that produce an audio output of 8W each which gives some good quality sound that makes music come alive and lets you lose yourself in the music.
Movie soundtracks come alive on this TV making movie time with your family more engaging and entertaining for all. For a more enriching sound experience, this TV provides an HDMI input that allows you to connect to a Home Theater System and enjoy surround sound. It also features a jack input through which you can connect a music/sound system and get a better sound quality. The HDMI can also be used to connect to other real HD devices such as a super-computer or Blu-ray through which you will enjoy full HD content from the comfort of your living room. This is a compact TV that I would have in my apartment.

Sayona HD LED digital TV 43 Inch Black

Size matters and Sayona have another offer that gives middle and low-budget Kenyans an opportunity to furnish their homes with a large flat-screen TV. Sayona HD LED digital TV 43-inch Black is a big screen display that is as impressive as it is big. This model is a LED flat screen TV that comes with a full HD display which means that you get to watch videos and pictures that are sharp, crystal-clear and detailed. It has a 1080p resolution making it provide twice the quality of full HD displays in the market. The picture quality alone is not the selling point of this TV because of the many similar high-quality displays around in Kenya. The price of this model is what is making this a must have big-screen display. You can shop for it online and obtain it for less than thirty-five thousand shillings which is a steal.
Other similar sized models with the same specs from large corporations such as LG and Samsung are quite expensive, and their prices are way north of the above-quoted price. This makes owning this model a must for you to enjoy the cinema experience in your living quarters. Getting a full HD display TV makes you one of the few lucky people in our country. A great visual output without a similarly good audio is a mistake Sayona cannot afford to make for them to enjoy a piece of the Kenyan market and they have carefully addressed the sound quality of this model. It has two speakers that give an output of 16W which is fairly good for home entertainment.
This gives you the theater experience when watching movies at home; especially when connected to a Home Theater System with Surround Sound feature turned on. The digital feature enables you to enjoy local and international digital content for free on this TV without having a digital decoder. This takes you back to the era when TV was free for all people owning a TV and with a good signal receiver. This TV also has a USB input that has support for multiple video and audio formats. This gives you a wide range of options for your entertainment at home and does not disappoint when you come with movies or series on your flash drive.


Sayona Company has made inroads in Kenya and will enjoy a growing number of clientele if they continue rolling out products targeted at middle and low-income Kenyans who form a majority of the population. Just as Tecno and Infinix did with smartphones and have continued to enjoy dominance in a tough market, Sayona has an opportunity to either dominate or enjoy a large share of the TV market in Nairobi specifically and Kenya in general. The digital televisions provided by this company give you an opportunity to watch digital content without paying a dime; the top notch displays make you enjoy watching the Kenyan digital content, and the good audio completes the whole package. If you want to enjoy quality entertainment at friendly prices, get Sayona. The low prices make them great for Campus students who are on a lean budget and the amazing features make this TV a must have for everyone craving for good home entertainment.